its funny how people say they care about you then leave and then sooner or later they try to come back in to your life. just fucking stay out if you dont want to deal with my shit because you dont know how i feel,you’re not in my shoes you’re not feeling how i feel when im all alone with no one to ever trust.

i dont get why my fucking family just loves to fuck up my mood really fucking quick i just want to fucking smash my head in the wall.


today was super shitty and I kinda wanna die :-)

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dude what are eyes? #teamchinkyeyes

i seriously fucking hate this shit family i fucking live with. i really just want to get the fuck out of here.

i really dont understand why people talk to me for like a day then never talk to me for like days like what the fuck really? if im wasting your time then just fucking tell me so i wont have to bother with trying to talk to you.


my brother,my brothers ex,my cousin and my cousins girlfriend are in the room. im getting really annoyed because they all want to fuck and i just wanted to take a nap.

Day 1 as a senior.

Ehh it was fun. Senior Sunrise sucked ass all we did was just watch a tree light up because the sun was behind a tree so I woke up at 5 in the fucking morning for nothing then we were supposed to have a senior portrait but they took so damn long so it didn’t happen. Then my classes were okay Driver’s Ed was fun because the teacher is really chill,then Food & Nutrition was alright,then Government was fun,then Sports Health was okay,then Med Assist was okay my old teacher remembered me tho so that’s good,then choir was just so fucking bad because my teacher is so horrible because she loves just to play favorites with people , and I ended my day with English with a really funny ass teacher I heard he was really chill and funny but he was more funnier than I imagined. So over all it was pretty cool.


I wasted my time on someone again. Oh well I’ll be focused on school anyways this year. No more wasting time on stupid shit.

#ootn ✌

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