she took me out for my birthday😁

You can post on Instagram but you can’t reply to my text.


Anonymous asked: Just wait for the right time Panda, right now wouldn't be the best time 😔 been so busy with junior year and preparing for senior year and college stuff. I hardly get any sleep but yeah, happy birthday once again!! 😊 remember smiling is important and keep your head high shoot out for the stars ✨🌟💫

Just Kik me or something beautiful. No one really ever Kiks me or text me and I’m kinda lonely

Anonymous asked: Happy birthday Panda, hope life will be better for you!! Keep your chin up, and smile. Smiling is important!! From, Baby lion

Oh hey (: if you want,you can talk to me, I’m letting go of my past and I want to start anew with everything. Be happy stay happy. 😁

thank you to Rachel at Johnny Rockets for the double scoop birthday ice cream! 😁 this day turned out to very spontaneous 🎉👌

first time 😂

happy birthday to me 😁🎉 and thank you to everyone who greeted me 👍


I’m turning 17 in 5 hours…damn where has the time gone? I’m kind of scared of graduating still. Fuck…

Anonymous asked: If you never choose to listen to other's help or positivity, it ain't gonna work out man. In order to be happy, you must listen to it first.

I do listen to it.

Anonymous asked: You're never forgotten,but there's times where you had to move onwards 👍

actually yeah. i am. i already know that because people have left my life.

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