I’m sorry.

I can’t do this anymore. Holding back all these tears of sorrow and regret. I regret the first time I ever opened my mouth because it just makes my life worse and worse. I never wanted to become like this. Always mad at myself. I’m sorry for annoying everyone whenever I ever open my mouth. I’m just not going to open my mouth ever again because it just makes everything go wrong for me. I should stop before I make everyone not want to ever talk to me.

Sighhhhh. So many things I wanna buy. I have the money but I don’t have a card to buy it and they’re so expensive :(

I HAVE BEEN WAITING TWO WEEKS FOR THIS OMG. #supernatural #inearlylostmymind

And when you’re being ignored by everyone.

Taking a nap is good when you’re stressed,mad and in pain.(:

Treated her out :) made her happy aha @drearose143 oh and @sweetserialkilller its open! (at BAMBU Desserts & Drinks - Rowland Heights)

my parents are the reason why i never do nice things to people.

they never let me do anything for someone. i can never do nice things for people. they treat me like shit whenever i tell them im going to do something. so what the fucking point god damn it. no one can ever let me be fucking nice and happy for once in a fucking while.

im done fucking trying.

i seriously tried over and over with my hardest. so why bother trying anymore? its just never going to go my way so whats the point in being here anymore?

Do Ya Like (Childish Gambino Remix) - Logic
I’m sorry but this is better than the original.
#logic #vmg #visionarymusicgroup #childishgambino

First time here and its pretty good. (at Snow Monster)

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