forget it. i don’t have the strength anymore to try constantly for stupid crap and just always ending up with nothing.

sorry that im just a disappointment to everyone.

i cant sleep because im just too numb from these shit feelings i cant escape.


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id rather be broken hearted than having someone to try and fucking mend it back. there is really no point in trying because in the end its always the same no matter fucking what. fuck being happy honestly. no matter what you’re going to be left alone in the end.

its funny how people say they care about you then leave and then sooner or later they try to come back in to your life. just fucking stay out if you dont want to deal with my shit because you dont know how i feel,you’re not in my shoes you’re not feeling how i feel when im all alone with no one to ever trust.

i dont get why my fucking family just loves to fuck up my mood really fucking quick i just want to fucking smash my head in the wall.


today was super shitty and I kinda wanna die :-)

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dude what are eyes? #teamchinkyeyes

i seriously fucking hate this shit family i fucking live with. i really just want to get the fuck out of here.

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